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Parents Missing Opportunity to Improve Learning through Design

The results of the latest BCSE teachers’ survey confirm first-hand perceptions of education and design professionals across the UK: school environments have a significant impact on pupil behaviour. However, the benefits of good learning environments are not recognised by most parents.  The reason for this missed opportunity is simple: parents aren’t aware of the learning benefits design offers.

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Inside View of SCUP

Insights from Madeline Burke-Vigeland on the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) 2010 Annual Conference

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Shanghai Tower Construction Update

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower is a super-tall building currently under construction in Shanghai's Pudong district. It broke ground in November 2008, and it's on schedule for completion in 2014. The surprising thing? It's yet to rise above the ground. So: what's going on in that enormous hole in the ground? Technical Director Dick Fencl and Project Architect Howe Keen Foong offer their insights, including noting that the giant circular form above isn't a hole; it's a slurry wall. And it's temporary. Here's the story behind it.

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What Will 21st-Century Libraries Become?

A few weeks ago I attended a seminar at NeoCon with this promising title: “Creating 21st Century Libraries.” Colleges have been grappling with that same issue since well before the turn of the millennium. What new secrets could this symposium have to offer?

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The Museum of Bond Vehicles + Espionage

We’re delighted to present the design for The Museum of Bond Vehicles + Espionage, which debuted to the public today on the WGN Morning News.

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